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About me

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Who is Mahmoud Machaal?

I’m a father and grandfather from Tampere. I came to Finland from Lebanon 35 years ago.
I’m a peace-loving person, who tries to build bridges within the society. I treat everyone equally. I defend people in a weaker position and I do not tolerate discrimination.

I’m a registered nurse. In addition, I have studied administration and basics of pedagogy. I also work as an expert by experience. I worked for 25 years in social and healthcare services at the city of Tampere. I also lecture about multiculturalism and social relations occationally.

My hobbies are reading, walking in the nature and occationally watching ice hockey. I was a football coach for children for 7 years. I love music, cultural events and socialising with other people.

I enjoy a versatile diet with fruits. I like Finnish fish dishes, berries (specially strawberries) and sweets (specially chocolate).

What I don’t like? Injustice, betrayal of promises and arrogance towards other people.

What I hate? Wars and violance.

My Curriculum Vitae